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+91.9850848722 / 020-25462809 / 25461525

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Email : kanad.pune@kanadvidyut.comkanad.pune@gmail.com    

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Manufacturing quality diagnostic analytical instruments since 1989

About Us

Kanad Vidyut is a manufacturing & designing firm.  It was founded by Shri. B. V. Ranade an IIT  Mumbai graduate in Electrical Engineering. We have been manufacturing Analytical instruments specifically for clinical laboratories from 1989.  The foremost of its products include Biochemistry Analyzers ( Kanad Photon), Digital Colorimeters (HANS), Digital Haemoglobinometers (HEMA) & Dry Bath Incubators.

Kanad Vidyut is most widely known by its most famous brand HANS Digital Colorimeters. These instruments stood the test of time for more than 25 years. It still has no equal for its Stability, Repeatability & Precision. In year 2000 the Kanad Vidyut products went through a revolutionary change in Technology with Solid state light sources at its core. This eliminated the use of disposable Filters & halogen lamps.This Technology gave Kanad Vidyut products a future edge as well as maintenance free operation.

In year 2005 Kanad Vidyut was the First in India to introduce 1st ever Solid State source based Biochemistry Analyzer. It was not only maintenance free & equipped with future technology, but also built so that it can work in only 250µl (0.250ml) reagent volume (1/4th the volume used by other machines). This gave the most cost effective solution for the labs. Considering the essential requirements for Rural and smaller parts in India, in 2007 Kanad Vidyut Introduced its Biochemistry Analyzer with smaller footprint which took space of less than 1sq ft.

From 2011 Shri. Aditya. B. Ranade a graduate in Mechanical Engineering (VIT Pune) has joined Kanad Vidyut to boost development & manufacturing. With its research oriented and highly educated research team at its core Kanad Vidyut will always come with well designed & intelligent products that will help people.

In 2015, Kanad Vidyut received one of the most prestigious G.S. PARKHE AWARD for INNOVATION & ENTREPRENEURSHIP given my MCCIA since last 68 Years..!!

​About Proprietor

Kanad Vidyut was founded in 1978 by Mr. B.V. Ranade , a graduate from IIT Powai Mumbai. After graduating from India’s most prestigious engineering colleges of India he was determined to open a business that will create products which excels in quality and reliability in every purpose.  To this day he and our whole team take it as our mission statement. In year 1994 he developed a banking unit Sulekha which received the Hari Malini Joshi Innovation award

In year 2005 he developed India’s First Solid State Light source based Biochemistry Analyzer Shreerang 01 ( Now named Kanad Photon). He received real time inputs and data from Dr. Bipin shah ( M.D Pathology, Mumbai) which helped him improve the machine to its technological peak.